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Manufacturing factory are for sale. (Abu Dhabi, UAE) Asking Price:$

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Manufacturing factory are for sale.

Revenue $Avaible on request, Cash Flow $Avaible on request, Established 2002

Those who are familiar with Chinese factories will note that even up to 10 years ago many factories in china started to change out workers who operated injection molding machines (a slow, low value-added, process) with robotic arms to remove injected parts from the machine.Now, Chinese manufacturers are regularly looking for affordable ways to cut down on rising worker wages via automation.

Note that labor cost is pretty much the only driving factor in this shift, and that better consistency and accuracy of production is much less of a concern to factory owners. Just yesterday, during an InTouch Supplier Evaluation, we noticed machinery being installed at a Taiwanese-owned cookware manufacturer in Northern China which would allow enameled cookware to automatically be transferred to ovens for a required baking process, once sprayed with enamel.

That implementation of automation would reduce the required workers by 4-5 people on each line. This kind of simple automation (reducing a line by 4-5 workers) can reduce a factory’s costs by as much at 40,000 USD per year in more expensive manufacturing areas such as Dongguan and Shenzhen.

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